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    Brief Introduction for GPS Watch Tracker Time:2013-07-05 09:31:40

    Brief Introduction:


    The position for GPS watch tracker can be checked directly by mobile phone and no need tracking software.The user can input coordinate to Google Earth to check the position also.


    The coordinate can be put in navigator map, the GPS watch will search GPS signal and send SMS with coordinate to mobile phone. The user can check the position by Google Earth. There is GPRS module for this item also and can find the position by GPRS also.

     GPS Watch Tracker




    1.Can be Used as Watch


    It is different with traditional GPS. The position can be checked by SMS directly if you use GPS watch. No need to pay extra for the tracking software. It is very convenient and accurate.


    2. Clear LoudSpeaker


    GPS watch can talk with the others clearly and no need to use earphone.


    3.Easier to Use


     GPS watch can be used if you put one SIM card in it ,so it is very easy.


    Set up the mobile phone as authorized numbers, the GPS tracker’s positions can be checked at any time and any places quickly.


    One SMS can be sent to the GPS watch if you want to know the user’s position. GPS watch can send position information for prefixed times.


    There is monitoring function for the GPS watch tracker. The SOS button can be pressed when the kids are in danger, the tracker will send SOS alert to the authorized numbers . You can hear the voice of the trackers side at this time.


    4.The standby time for GPS watch tracker is 60-72 hours and can be 10 hours as working time, so no need to charge always.


    5.GPS watch tracker can set up 5 mobile numbers as authorized numbers. So it can be used as mobile phone actrually.

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