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    GPS Vehicle Tracker System on Long-Distance Bus Time:2013-07-03 09:47:58

    Long-distance bus install GPS tracker in order to increase the income and service quality.


    GPS Vehicle Tracker System can monitor the drivers and the stewards so that they can behave correctly and increase service quality also.Long-distance bus needs to drive a long way and there will be sacurity problem in some places. GPS tracking system can monitor everything to protect the people in the bus.


    More criminals duiring the Chinese spring festerval holiday and there will be  vehicle overloading also. Gps tracking system can prevent  or decrease these.


     GPS Vehicle Tracker

    The Purpose for GPS Vehicle Tracker System on the Bus:


    1.Decrease the incorrect behavior of the driver and the stewards.

    Sometimes the stewards will not give ticked to passengers and they will put the money in their pockets.  


    2.Offer the video for  the disagreement between the passengers and the driver and conductors.

    There will be some disagreements between the passengers and drivers or the passengers and the conductors. Sometimes the passengers will take away something from the other passengers. The bus company does not know how to solve this kind of problem since they dont have proof always. They can solve these kinds of problems now because of gps tracking system


    3.Increase the service quality  of the driver and the conductor.


    4.Force the driver to drive according to the rule


    5.can do advertisement on the bus’s LED to decrease cost of gps tracking system


    6.Can add black box to record the driving data

    7.The center can see video ,pictures when they know the position of the bus.

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