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    The Differences Between GPS Tracker and GPS Navigator Time:2013-07-02 11:13:56

    There are two kinds of gps hardwares: gps tracker and gps navigator.


    Most of the people know gps navigator than gps tracker since nearlly all of the drivers know it. But less people know gps tracker which includes gps hardware and gps tracking system.


    Gps navigator is used for the people who know less about the road. People can find the road easily by gps navigator when they are driving for travelling. But gps navigator can know the position only and don’t know the road trace. The others can not know the road trace but the car owner.


    Gps global positioning system is to track the others. The tracking data is sent to tracking software by gprs network. Most important is that the position can be tracked by mobile phone,by tracking software and by SMS. Car Gps tracking system is a system to manage all of the cars.

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