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    Installation for GPS Vehicle Trackers Time:2013-06-28 10:01:57

    一、External Power


    GPS Vehicle tracker has to connect with car battery to work for 24 hours. So it is impossible that if some criminals want to track the other cars by our gps tracker.  Our gps car tracker needs to connect with car battery.So we don’t recommand the client use external power.



     GPS Vehicle tracker

    1.You can install the GPS tracker to your car by yourself if you know electricity. Actru3lly it is not difficult. You can do that if you can find the positive and negative power in the car.

    2 Connect the tracker to car battery. If you connect it to ignition, there will be no power when you stop the car.

    3Please make the side with indicator face to the sky so that it can get better gps signal.  Can not face this side with metallic places otherwise there will be no gps signal.

    4 You can also ask the technician for help. Of course, you need to pay to them


    三、Installation Position 


    1. Above the windshield

    2. Below the windshield

    3. On the dashboard

    4.under the window wiper, but needs to prevent it from water


    NOtes: the metal heat shields on the windshield will lower the

    Gps signal. So pls try to change to another place at this time


    四、key Points

    1 please try to hide the gps trackers in order to be found by thief

    2 please avoid putting gps tracker with the other sources of electrons

    3 please use something to fix or stick the tracker

    4 Please make sure gps and gsm antenna face to the sky

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