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    FAQ for GPS Tracakers(2) Time:2013-06-27 11:27:20

    1.What is Navigation Data Format?


    It includes three levels: Basic data format, exchange format, storing format:


    Basic data format: edit and store the data. Mainly used to edit and save such as TAB format


    Exchange format: can be exchanged to the other format for different use. IT is public format and easier to change to the other format such as GDF format


    Storing format: data format storing in the computer, such as KIWI format


    2. What is Map? What is the National Primary Scale Topographic Maps?


    Traditional map means:Mark natural and social phenomenons on the map by different Symbols and colors according to the rules of mathematics. Such as common map, thematic maps etc.


    Modern maps including micro map,digital map, electronic map etc


    3.Factors to Affect GPS Tracker Signal


    (1) GPS satellites are controlled by United States Department of Defense.Chanel 1.575GHz is for the public. But the nature or human will do effect to gps signal  


    (2) Weather factor sucsh as macula or bad weather


    (3) lectromagnetism wireless and lectromagnetism will do effect also.


    (4) under the shield ( such as buildings, vehicles, trees,metal covers) will make gps signal lower. So please try to put gps signal in the place where is nearer to outside.


    (5) GPS signal is better in the open air places.  The buildings will do effect to gps signal.


    4.Why some gps hardware can get gps signal in some places still such as tube?


     Actrually there is no gps signal at this time. The reason why the gps hardware can get is that people do some changes in the firmware for this


    5.The weather can do Effect to GPS Signal also?

    Yes. Rains, cloudy etc will do indeed. But most of the time gps hardware can work even if the weather is not good.


    The other FAQ for GPS trackers

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