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    FAQ on GPS Tracker Time:2013-06-26 11:22:07


     1.Which Kinds of GPS Tracking Systems Now in the World?


    There are GPS in USA, Glonass in Russian and Galileo which is building by EU. Chins is building CNSS and built Compass already. Japan is building their own gps tracking system GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System)。

     gps tracking system

    2.What is the Differences Between GPS and GPRS?


      GPSGlobal Position Systemis developed by USA and can be used to navigate,get time and track. The end user can enjoy free tracking,navigating and getting time for free if they buy gps trackers. GPS tracking system can be used in Agriculture, forest, transportation ,security, communication etc.


    GPRS is General Packet Radio Service. It does like this: GPRS sends data to the user. It can make the mobile phone to be on internet to save time, save money.

    GPS hardware uses the following network: GSM/GPS GPRS/GPS CDMA/GPS


    3.What is GPS?


    GPS is global position system(full name is Navigation System with Timing And Ranging Global Positioning System, NAVSTAR-GPS) It was developed from 1970s to 1994  by United States Department of Defense and spent US $20 billion. It is a kind of new gps navigator and tracking system including three-dimensional navigation from the land, sea and air


    28 satelites ( 24 operation and 4 back-up) with the height of 20200km are in the middle part of the global tracking system. 24 satellites are a nearly circular orbit .They are on 6 orbits and need 11 hours and 58 minutes for one round. The position of the satelites makes four sateliets can be seen at any time and get accurate position.  This makes gps global tracking to be possible.

    Standard Positioning Servicecan offer service to common people for free now. PPS can be used only for the military.



    4. How Many Satelites Can be Used to Get Real-time Tracking ?


    When the navigation and positioning with GPS Tracker,  Needing 4 satellites at least to get the position.There will be no latitude if there are only 3 satelites.

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