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    GPS Vehicle Tracker Software Management Time:2013-06-24 06:26:21

    1.Brief Introduction


    GPS technology offer real-time tracking for vehicel and boats. The drivers can know their positions at any time by gps car trackers. Gps tracker will send GPRS data to the center and the employees in the center can know more car’s positions and display their positions on the map.


    There are two kinds of tracking software now: Management software including Gps tracking software and wireless communication.

    2. Management Software by GPRS

    The Main Functions for Monitoring Center


    Data tracking: the positions of the moving cars will be displayed on the map such as vehicle number, coordinate, speed, direction,date and time .


    Tracking on map: All of the tracking data can be displayed on the map.

    The  map can be larger or smaller . You can choose to see all of the data or only one data. There is history trace also for the cars.


    Display function: All of the position can be input by computer to display. The commands can be sent to all of the cars so that the center can communicate with the car drivers.

    Main Functions for GPRS Hardware


    Send tracking data : Gps hardware can send real-time GPRS data to the center.Data display: all of the data will be display on the center: coordinate, speed,direction etc.


    Receiving commands from the center: All of the commands from the center can be displayed on the screen also. Sometimes there is Audio reminder.


    Alert function : The driver can press SOS button and the center can get SOS alert. The center will deal with this immediately.


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