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    How can GPS Know Your Position Time:2013-06-21 05:39:54

    Which kind of gps hardware you will choose in your city? Everybody has one mobile phone with gps tracking systems, but not everybody knows how gps work.

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    Global GPS tracking system is the term of satellite monitoring.  There are 24 satellites around of the earth. The first one began 1978 and 24 satellites began 1993. They were used in 1995 and spent 10-12 billion. The government spent 0.4 billion each year to maintain them. The satellites needs 11 hours and 58 minutes to travel arround of the earth and two times each day. They are in the height of 10600 miles


    The gps system in your mobile phone can get 4-12 satellites at any time. The gps hardware can know the position by Triangulation caculation. Gps system will catch gps signal from more gps satellites in order to get more accurate gps signal.


    GPS hardware will know the mapping road, speed and the other information if it knows your position. The accuracy of gps will be effected by the sun and the moon as time goes by, but the DISA Defense Information System Agency will send d data to make it accurate.


    GPS hardware is very useful for walking, driving and flying. We believe gps system will do more and more things for us since there are more and more gps tracking system applications now.



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