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    GPS Tracker Helps to Find the Lost Time:2013-06-19 09:28:26

    How to find the lost money in taxi when you don’t remember the driver,no driving receipt and no driver registration number


    Mr Sun went to the police and said he lost his money on 2rd of November when he went back by taxi . He was drunk and went home by taxi on 31th,Oct. But he put his bag.On the taxi. There is cash ,receipt ,mobile phone and ID card in his bag.

     GPS Tracker for car

    “ Do you remember registration number? Do you have receipt? Do you remember?What was like for the driver” The policemen needed to know these information to help him. But Mr Sun can remember nothing since he was drunk.


    Mr Sun said maybe he got off the car on Dongfang Squre and passed away some places. The policemen found all of the taxies which passed these places.


    The policeman said the driving road can be displayed because there are gps tracker on all of the taxies.  The policeman found the taxi driver finally on 19th, Nov.

     Actrually the driver was worried about it and now he agreed to return the bag to Mr Sun.


    Some taxi drivers do not return the values to the passengers when they picked up the value things . Some other drivers think the passengers will not find them because of no receipt and not remember registration number. But the policemen can find them because of gps trackers.


    So all of the drivers should remember of this and must return the values to the passengers.


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