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    Factors to Affect Accuracy of GPS Vehicle Tracker Time:2013-06-17 05:58:50

    More and more people know gps products. There are two kinds mainly: Gps navigator and  GPS Vehicle Tracker.


    We talk about gps tracker mainly here. Most of the customers are not satisfied with gps trackers because of inaccurate gps positions.


    1Affect by Air

      Electromagnetic by ionosphere and troposphere will effect to this


    2 GPS Aatellites Error

      Gps satellites will have error even if satellite is very complicated and accurate. Every micro error will do effect to the caculation


    3 The Enviroment will do Effact also.

      The building  and the trees will make the position inaccurate when the gps signal is transferring.


    4.Personal Reason

     The software and data for caculation, the different way to caculate will do effect also.


    5The electromagnetic pulse and the other digital products will do effect also. But these kinds of effect are within 100 meters. 


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