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    GPS Portable Tracker ---Track Your Loves Time:2013-06-14 05:16:21

    We need to take care of a lot of things in the world today such as the cars , the pets, the family. Gps trackers can make everything easier.XEXUN TK102-2 is a gps portable tracker including gps and gsm modules.The main features on this item are compact size and easy operations


    This item searches gps signal from satellites, send sms or gprs data with coordinate e to mobile phone or tracking software. TK102-2 is mainly used for old persons, kids, employees and pets.


    Mainly Functions for Xexun TK102-2GPS Portable Tracker TK102-2


    1.   Tracking and Monitoring


    There is microphone on TK 102-2, can hear the tracker’s side easily.

      Three mobile phone numbers can be set up by TK 102-2.  The user can press

      SOS button and the tracker can send SMS or GPRS data with SOS to three mobile phones or tracking software. This function is designed for old persons and kids.

      We don’t need to worry about our kids and parents if they have TK 102-2 on.


    2.Tracking Accurately for Pets.


       Pets can not talk, but we can find them still if they have gps trackers on.

       Real-time tracking and auto-tracking function can help us on this.

    3. GPRS Function


    TK102-2 can send google map link to smart phones and the positions can be found easily.  GPRS function can be used also.The tracker will send gprs data to tracking software. We log in tracking software directly to check the position. Very helpful on this .

    4. Overspeed Alert


     TK102-2 can send GPRS data or SMS with speed alert when the driving speed is too fast. The drivers dont need to worry about the driving speed by this function.

    5. Power-Saving Mode Function


      TK102-2 can be in power-saving mode without tracking requests.

      The standby time for this item can be 120 hours

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