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    Mainly parts for gps monitoring system Time:2013-06-13 05:15:42

    1.GPS global tracking system(GPS)

    GPS tracking system is used to track vehicles. GPS tracker gets gps signal and send it by gsm network, then display the position on the map directly . Global position system was made by America in 1993 which can be used for the users in all over the world. It can be used in any place,any time.

    GPS tracking system

    2.GSM/GPRS communication system(GSM/GPRS)

    GPS tracker and tracking software can be connected by GSM Communication system. The tracking software gets information of the cars from gsm network. The controlling center will control ,manage the gps trackers by gsm network also.KingShi GPS tracking software can work with CDMA,CDPD etc communication system.


    3.Data transferring network


    Data transferring network is the exchanging center for and communication platform  and for vehicle data  and user management center. This system can use PSTNISDNADSLDDNInternet etc.

    4.vehicle data center

     vehicle data base is the management platform for user management Center and gps tracker. It can be used to receive and send commands,deal with the commands, save,check,maintain,exchange and so on.The system can manage the data from vehicle and users.

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